Amend Election Registration Period, Raise Penalties vs ‘Flying Voters’ – Barbers

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October 7, 2018 – Surigao Del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers wants to amend the period of election registration and increase the penalties for certain election offenses.

Barbers filed House Bills 8371 and 8372 which seeks to increase penalties against ‘flying voters’ and amend the election registration period from 120 days to one year before a regular election, respectively. He said doing so would address the perennial problem of flying voters and other dubious voter registration activities being experienced by the Commission on Election’s (COMELEC).

“These bills will give the COMELEC ample time to check the legitimacy of the voter’s information and to clean up the COMELEC’s voters list,” said Barbers.

Barbers added that HBs 8371 and 8372 would bring the nation closer to attaining electoral results which genuinely reflect the will of the people.

“It’s about time we ensure the veracity and efficiency of our voting processes. And thru these legislations, I hope honest and clean politics will soon prevail,” Barbers added.

Barbers also noted how corrupt officials cling to power through vote buying and employing “flying voters,” or voters who have double or multiple registrations, which are rampant in the Philippine electoral process.

“These illegal practices have long been causing inaccurate and false reflection of who the people want to represent or lead them,” Barbers said.
“We’re always going to hear about cases of voter fraud, but I believe that there is hope for our integrity as a nation,” he added. #