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November 13, 2018 –  I want to clarify the story, “Barbers cleared Lapena of accountability,” which came out in today’s media and social media.

The statement was taken from yesterday’s press conference at “Ugnayan sa Batasan” wherein a reporter asked me if I believed former Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Isidro Lapena should be made accountable for the supposed smuggling of shabu that slipped past the BOC.

What I expressed was just my personal opinion about the character of Mr. Lapena, not as chair of the House Committee of Dangerous Drugs which is still investigating the drug shipment. I have always known Mr. Lapena, now TESDA head, as a simple and upright man. The committee has yet to wrap up its investigation as we have subpoenaed certain individuals for the next hearing to get the whole picture.

It is, therefore, inaccurate, to imply that I, as committee chair, have prematurely cleared Mr. Lapena of any criminal or administrative liability for what happened in BOC. Only when the committee report is finally out that the public can then make a better judgment if we live up or betray the people’s mandate.” #